A Thanksgiving Prayer – 2018

Creator of all of our faiths:

  • Thank you for modeling generous Love as we reach out to those who have so little,
  • Thank you for the many good gifts with which we have been blessed,
  • Thank you for your Faithful Presence in the midst of pain, suffering and death,
  • Thank you for the Great Gift of Mother/Father Earth, the Sun, Moon, planets – our Universe,
  • Thank you for those who lived our life on earth and now share Your Glory in your Presence,
  • Thank you for my wife/husband, our children, our families – living and deceased,
  • Thank you for smiles, hugs, laughing, embraces of affection and love,
  • Thank you for helping us through sadness, depression, anxiety and other difficult moments,
  • Send thank you love to the lonely, disenfranchised, those treated inequitably, prisoners, those in Hospice, the sick, and all who have no one to say thank you to them,
  • And, thank you for this day when we stop and remember to say THANK YOU!

Prayers for a Blessed Thanksgiving from Bob and Christine – The Journey Emerges

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