Counseling/therapy is a delicate and intimate process permitting one to look inside themselves in order to discover the beauty that lies within.  It is a process of unraveling strengths or areas of weakness or concern, while seeking the reasons for life’s progressive quest for inner peace, tranquility, and meaning.

Counseling/therapy is an evolving, growth producing, and safe process that permits the client to look and learn with their inner eyes at their history past and present with a view of guiding their emerging future. It is a gradual experience of becoming introspective so as to learn the reasons for why and how they made choices along their Journey of life.

Each Journey is personal, intimate, individual and carries with it many hills, valleys, great moments, and difficult moments. The goals are set by the client with the therapist and the process is determined by this relationship.

My experience includes working with individuals and couples. It includes working with those seeking to understand their lives, their relationships whether straight or gay, their life experiences whether shrouded with anxiety, depression or other life-stressors. I have experience with those seeking career exploration, difficulties with accepting or working with physical or cognitive disabilities, and experience with seeking  the steps toward professional and personal success.

Whether the issue is preparing for marriage, working out the difficulties of married life, or assisting in relations that have grown apart, my experience has taught me to deal with honesty and integrity guiding the couples toward a peaceful resolve. I also have a great deal of experience working with those persons who have had a personal, professional, or relational loss. Grieving any loss is a difficult process but can be seen as a stepping stone toward growth on the Journey of life. Helping someone prepare for death, helping another grieve through the loss of a loved one, or even confronting a professional loss requires time, patience, and a listening, challenging ear.

Finally, I believe that life is a journey of emerging and connected processes. I welcome the opportunity to walk with you on your journey.

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