A Labor Day Prayer

Today we honor so many people who work so hard day by day. Sometimes  unnoticed, not thanked, taken for granted maybe for low wages or for great wages. Each trying to earn a living, take care of themselves, and their families – striving to live a value of hard work and just reward – for them we pause and say THANKS.

We also recognize that our lives, as married or preparing to get married persons requires hard work, daily patience, openness to each other even when we feel the burden of a full day’s work. We pray that we never take each other for granted; never forget the values of love, honesty, respect, and openness to the movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives – not matter how difficult times may be. We are never abandoned and we ought not to abandon each other. Here is a prayer for us/for one another/for our world:

The Grail Prayer

Lord Jesus, I give you my hands to do your work.
I give you my feet to go your way.
I give you my eyes to see as you do.
I give you my tongue to speak your words.
I give you my mind, Lord, so that you may think in me.
I give you my spirit, that you may pray in me.
Most of all, I give you my heart, Lord,
That you may love in me and all humankind.
I give you my whole self, so that it is you , Lord Jesus,
Who lives and works and prays in me.

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