Earth Day – 2019 (A Blessing – a Thought)

Eberhard Arnold – April 22, 2019

We love the soil because God’s spirit spoke and created the earth, and because he called it out of its uncultivated natural state so that it might be cultivated by the communal work of human beings. We love physical work – the work of muscle and hand – and we love the craftsman’s art, in which the spirit guides the hand. In the way spirit and hand work together and through each other, we see the mystery of community. God – the creative Spirit – has formed nature, and he has entrusted the earth to us, his sons and daughters, as an inheritance but also as a task: our garden must become his garden, and our work must further his kingdom.

Source: Why We Live in Community

Christine and I would add that today is a great day to go for a bike ride with your partner – go for a walk  – sit in the sun and talk about how your lives are growing together – celebrate the gift of love that has been given to you. Celebrate our Earth, our Common Home! Let’s take care of it: recycle consciously and conscientiously, discontinue plastic, don’t use straws – please find a way to care for our Common Home. Our Home is in danger and needs us to care for it!

Blessings on this Earth Day, 2019

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