Into the Light – Holy Thursday Reflection and Prayer

As we begin this Sacred Triduum, I pray for each of you that your relationships will continue to grow and develop in the Grace of the Risen Lord. Marital Love is a special blessing calling us each day to a closer relationship with each other and with our Loving God. These three days we pray for a re-energizing of the light in our relationships – tell each other you love each other – if there have been tough times, forgive each other – console each other and renew the bond of your love. Know that the Suffering and Risen Lord is there for you each and every day of your lives.

Here is a meditative prayer I found in the work If Darwin Prayed and it is a prayer based on John 1:3-9 and Isaiah 11: 1-2. I pray it for you:

O Holy One, We gather now to celebrate that the deeper we go into darkness, the closer we come to your light.

All manner of deceit will come to the light, all corruption will dissolve in the light, the lovely will be lifted into the light, the poor and hungry will be radiant in the light, the wealthy will be transformed by the light, all confusion will untangle in the light, loveless hearts will be warmed by the light, even death will be conquered by the light.

By this light, all that is came into being. Into this light, everything returns; your divine glory shines out everywhere – a wedding of flesh and spirit, a celebration that must go on, by the power of the wedded one, dancing epiphany, life and light of the party – declaring for all with ears to hear, eyes to see, and bodies that move, that the best has yet to come to light. Amen

Let  the Light shine in your love. We pray for each of you and ask you pray for each other and for all who are in the family of The Journey Emerges. Blessed Holy Thursday!

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