Every day is Thanksgiving Day!

Let’s make every day a feast of Thanksgiving with joy and with light.  Not just one day, but every day.

In the silence of our hearts, and in our spoken word, let each of us give thanks for all the many gifts that are ours. Thank you for our husband/wife – the love we hold so dear – the joy we have with each other – the gifts that we bring to each other.

Let us also be mindful of those who today are without food, family, or home.

We remember all whom we love who are not now present with us here:  those who have gone before us, those in the present time, and those to be born whom we will love; those innocent ones who perished in war, natural disasters, and so many other horrific ways and slaughters.

God of all good gifts, from your holy heart has come a flood of gifts upon us.  With uplifted hearts, we thank you.

We are grateful not only for the gift of life itself, but for all the gifts of friendship, love, devotion, and forgiveness that we have shared.

May we give our thanks by lives of service, by deeds of hospitality, by kindness to strangers and by concern for one another. May we not take advantage of each other and always seek and ask for forgiveness and mercy so that we can grow in Love anew each day that we are blessed and fortunate to have with each other. For each other, we say thank you – I love you – I renew my promise and vow of love for you. Amen, Alleluia, Amen!

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