Sacredness of Time

How often have you heard the phrase – I do not have enough time to do the things that I want to do! I would say REALLY!!

I think we make lots of choices about our time but the real question is how do we choose to use our time? It is all about choice.

Here is a little test: how much time do we spend at work? How much time do we spend with our spouse? If our primary choice and value is work versus quality time with our spouse, what does that say?  If we spend 8 to 10 hours a day at work, including traveling to and from work, what comparable time do we spend growing our primary love relationship?

Do we spend more time with technology than we do speaking to each other? Do we give one word answers to questions, like: how was your day?…. FINE! Anything new today? Nope!  If we have 168 hours a week and work 40/50 hours a week then how much time do we devote to the direct development of our primary love relationship? Yes, sharing intimate, personal communication, feelings, and experiences of life takes time; but, we have it if we just look and use time wisely.

Relationship building takes time; developing a long-lasting, grace-filled, and sound relationship takes quality time. Yes, we get tired at work, but if we come home and just want to “chill out”, watch TV, play with telecommunication games, then maybe it is ok to assess what it is that we are saying about our relationship. What are the ways that we value, and demonstrate the value, of our relationship with our husbands and wives? It might be fair to ask if we spend more time at work than time developing our primary relationship.  What does our use of time say about how we perceive our personal and employment relationship?

So, without any guilt – how do you, we, spend our time? Does our time together demonstrate the value of love? Love takes a lot of time – let’s use our time wisely. Time is sacred – we only have so much – let’s use it to say and to demonstrate how much we love one another.

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