The Power of Love – Happy Fourth ’17

I have come to understand that the phrases“… in sickness, health; richer, poorer; better or worse” are not either/or phrases but rather both/and phrases. Life opens us up to many opportunities to better ourselves and to grow deeper into our relationships.

We can accept or reject the moment – it is our choice. The special “graces” of marriage, partnering relationships, close/intimate friendships offer to those who will accept them the chance to use the dynamic power of Love so as to grow through any adversity. Feel the energy and renew the sparks of Love in your life. Explode with caring and consideration.

We do not plan on sickness, disability, incapacity, or even the death of a loved one but if it occurs, let’s use the strength that we committed ourselves to in order to experience healing, strength, comfort, and reconciliation.  Above and beyond the seeming power of pain and suffering, is the beauty and intimacy of the Power of Love.

This Fourth of July, let’s recommit ourselves to love our partner: say I love you, I am sorry, I forgive you, I enjoy being with you – do not take your partner for granted. Enjoy the weather, go for a walk, a bike ride, sit on the deck, make each other dinner or have a “date day”. Turn off the phones, the games etc. and enjoy the beauty that is your partner without distraction.

Our world may be struggling but our relationships can mirror and model unconditional love. Experience openness, compromise, and that sacred kind of understanding that society may lack and seek. True Love is proof that all can work together. Pray for each other, pray for your families, pray for our government, pray for the Church – pray for yourself. Let’s be thankful for our independence – we are one, equal, free, and needing to be healed society. Happy Fourth of July!

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