July 4, 2016

Remember: Sparklers, firecrackers, lights, sounds, great pieces of music, and smiles – all to celebrate our nations Independence. Such a great celebration – we at The Journey Emerges wish you a great celebration of our freedom and independence.

We also want to remind you that our relationships probably began with sparkles, lights, great sounds, and pieces of music, lots of romance and all of this to celebrate our transition from Independence to Interdependence. Yes, working together made us free to love each other in a most special way.

Yes, our national Independence was a process but so is our Interdependence as couples– yes there are battles, but also great victories.

How are the sparklers, firecrackers, lights, sounds, great pieces of music and smiles in your relationship today? Re-Kindle the fire of your love. Every day is Interdependence Day – every day is a victory – every day is a day to love your spouse, fiance, your friend, your partner! Happy Fourth but more importantly – Happy Love!

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