Happy Father’s Day – ’16

Getting ready for Father’s Day, I found this thoughtful, short but profound saying. We recommend taking each word, each thought, and use it as a meditation of fatherhood – your fatherhood.

Happy Father’s Day to Dads, living and deceased, Granddads, God-dads, Adoptive Dads, Single Dads, Dads in service to others, Dads living on the streets who suffer with personal difficulties; Dads surrounded by their children; Dads who have abandoned their families; Dads who are in the family of the Wounded Warriors, public service etc. We ought not to judge those who are Dads, but rather we are to love all of those who participated in the amazing Co-Creation of life. The list and wishes and feelings can go on, but to all Dads ….. Happy Father’s Day. This is for you:


“F” … aithful

“A” …  lways there

“T” … rustworthy

“H”… onoring

“E” … ver loving

“R” … ighteous

“S”… upportive . Author Unknown

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