Thoughts on Christmas/New Year

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukah and the joy of all the celebrations for this time of the year. Lots of good wishes have been extended and prayers offered for one another.  This is a great season and we all feel a great many different feelings. Many of the feelings are positive especially when spending the holidays with loved ones. Getting together with families can be awesome and a bit stressful. For those who celebrate this holiday as a newly married couple, this is a great time to celebrate the gift of your married love. For those who have been married for a while, it is a time to  renew, refresh, and transform you love by remembering the great promises you gave to each other and renew the depth of those words you share when you said I Love You.

Some also feel sad and lonely because of the loss of loved ones, the loss of close relationships, and the stressors of a complex, complicated world. Lift up your hearts to see the Hope offered to you by the Incarnate Word and by the hopes of the brightness of Hanukah and joy of Kwanzaa. There is hope all around us – seek it, embrace it – it is there for you and for all of us!

We at The Journey Emerges are committed to spreading the belief in relationship development and growth. We believe in the overwhelming power of Love and in the gifts given to us by Creator. We pray for your relationship to grow and prosper – for a world that is less cynical and more open-minded – for injustices to be overturned and for the emergence of more mercy. We work for a cleaner Earth, overturning the horrors of Human Trafficking, openness to the equal rights of women and for sensitivity and acceptance of all of The Creator’s Children no matter who similar or different they may be from us – all are equal and, of course, who are we to judge.

Finally, we offer this prayer for all who are a part of our lives. It was offered by Thomas Merton: “The fire of love for souls loved by God consumes like the fire of God’s love, and it is the same love. It burns you up with a hunger for the supernatural happiness first of the people that you know, then of people you have barely heard of, and finally of everyone”. (The Book of Hours-Day)

Peace-filled Christmas and New Year.

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