Thoughts on Celebrating the Fourth

It appears each year moves quicker and quicker. So, here we are again the Fourth of July – celebrating our Independence and our freedom. How are you sharing this day with your partner, your spouse, your family? Have you planned something special to enjoy the day with each other?

Holidays are great opportunities to take advantage of celebrating the love you vowed, promised, gave to each other. Relationship building is taking the time to be with each other. Celebrate your relationship!

Think about this:

How have we grown in our love since the last Fourth of July?

What are the sparks that ignite our love?

How has your partner lit up your life this past year?

What gifts and blessings did you share this past year?

Did you use the words I value you; I am excited about being with you; I love you; and, I am sorry if I missed opportunities to celebrate our love?

So, go for a walk, a bike ride, a swim, a long hike or just relax together – laugh – share stories – have a special meal –  share a sip of wine, but when the fireworks go off at night let your partner know that you continue to feel the explosion of love for them.

Go forth renewing your love for each other on this Fourth!

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