Resolution or Re-Commitment

Ah, yes! This is the time when many people engage in the annual process of making New Year Resolutions. They are fun to make but too often  are forgotten before the end of the month of January. We want to make a suggestion for 2015!

Do not make any new resolutions – rather make a re-commitment. Remember your wedding day or the day you met your partner. Listen again to how you felt,  to what you said and recommit your life to each other. Let your actions emulate and demonstrate your wishes for each other. No matter how spectacular or difficult the year has been, re-commit yourself to each other each day – re-commit yourself to growing with each other – re-commit yourself to resolve conflicts and grow in the love you promised each other. It sometimes takes courage, humility, honesty, and faith but it can be done.

You are not alone, your wife/husband, life-partner, fiance, friend, roommate is a part of who you are – show it by acts of kindness, caring, and affection. It is not the gifts you give each other as much as the presence you are to each other that matters. Actions do speak louder than words. Sometimes a word of forgiveness or kindness is a gentle reminder of how important the other is to you and can do more than saying the words I Love You.

Relationship building is hard work – takes a lot of time but is eternally freeing and fulfilling. Yes, better/worse, sickness/health, and riches/poverty can lead one other to amazing levels of happiness. Celebrate your life – re-commit yourself to each other and experience the great and emerging joys of the New Year.

“Where there is love there is life.”
Mahatma Gandhi

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