Christmas – 2016

A Christmas Prayer

          We at The Journey Emerges offer to you this prayer:
We pray:
– In the hope that the gift of your Love will mirror the Love of the Creator of all of our faiths;
– That the Love of the Child Jesus who gave all He had so that we could learn to love all persons equally without prejudice, will watch over you,
– That the life of the Child will help us to live and see all persons without any discrimination as being all God’s People,
– And, that the Energy and Warmth of the Holy Spirit who challenges us to light up the world, will fill us with a sense of Inner and Outer Peace.
– We pray for respect for our Common Home, the Earth and
– we pray that the love we proudly and boldly proclaim to each other as brothers and sisters of the Earth, husbands and wives to each other, moms and dads whose children see in us their first Lord of Love and to whom we are entrusted with the immense task of teaching about safety, security, respect and Love, will strengthen your love for each other and
– May the meanings of this Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanza season bless you, enrich your love for each other, prepare you for the future, and challenge you to safeguard the beauty of the Earth which was entrusted to us.

We ask this in the name of the Creator of this Universe and world, the Word made Flesh who freed and saved us, and the Spirit who is the Spirit of Wisdom and the Source of all true justice who will help us to discern how to bring justice to the poor, freedom to the oppressed and true dignity to all in our Common Home. The One who is Father and Mother to us all – Amen, Shalom, Be at Peace

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