Thoughts on Fall

The leaves are falling, the clouds are grey, there is a chill in the air and all of this a sign of Fall. It is not the end of a season but rather it is the beginning of a new season. This is the beginning of the season of lights, celebrations, gatherings, presents/presence, and preparation for winter.

This is great time to do outdoor things with the family and friends; cuddling with someone you love is wonderful and energizing. Holding hands, walking together, taking a drive together – enjoying the colors, the falling and fallen leaves in so many ways communicates the preparations for a new season for the Earth, for those around you, for your relationship. Think creatively, work diligently on your love and relationship – let the colors of the earth fill your life with the colors of love.

Go out and do something new with each other – let the troubles of yesterday go away and plant new seeds of love and understanding. Take in the new air and celebrate while renewing your love for each other. Now is the time to prepare for winter’s burst into spring!

Assess your relationship since last Fall; how have you grown; what new seeds have you planted to make your love grow deeper and deeper; what have you learned about each other this past year and how have you responded to your love for each other. Reach out to each other in a new way and breath in the fresh new air of fall’s transformation into winter’s quieting and spring’s awakening.

Think of this: Chardin said “Love is the most universal, the most tremendous, and the most mysterious of the cosmic forces”………………… Celebrate the Force that is your Love.

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