Preparing For Marriage

There is so much to be done in order to prepare for marriage – lists, church or place of celebration, honeymoon, food, liquor (if you choose), clothes etc. The stress can be intense but the most important part of the process is often missed.

Couples ought to consider taking some time to assess the progress and development of their relationship. Ask each other questions, probe their history, learn about each other’s family, friends, finances, health issues etc. etc. The marriage day is a huge event, a huge commitment but being married, living the married life is an on-going, exciting, difficult, wonderful, tear-filled, challenging adventure; and, in so many ways a mystery.

Saying I Love You implies a very strong commitment. Learning about each other is a process – an evolving, open-ended and on-going process. The event is the public beginning but sharing a life with someone is a Journey! Celebrate your love with family, friends, and with your Creator. Open yourself to the Journey of Life as friends, lovers, partners, companions, seeking new horizons, opening new doors, celebrating life and feeling the great gift of loving and being loved.

And, if you would like some assistance in asking and probing the tough questions, contact me, check out The Journey Emerges program, do a FOCCUS program with me – but whatever you choose, Celebrate your Love!

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