Parenting Issues

Both in Therapy and in counseling (personal and spiritual), I find that many people struggle with issues of parenting. As a therapist, it is important to listen to and to hear the needs of the family as they struggle to assist their children to grow up in a healthy, safe, and well-grounded environment. Each age brings new dilemma’s to face and each person faces the dilemma’s in different ways.
Parents, working together, can assist in the growth of their children and in the growth of their relationship. In the weeks to come, I will be adding articles, thoughts, and some scripture to assist Mom’s and Dad’s and their children in the process of growing together as a family unit. The comments are addressed to traditional and non-traditional family units equally.
In some of the articles, for those who are so inclined, I will offer some thoughts using Scripture, to assist parents to seek assistance from the Creator on their parenting journey. I hope you enjoy the series and offer back some thoughts back to help me to grow.

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