Welcome to The Journey Emerges Website!

As with all beginnings, there is a movement, a dance, a process from nothing to something. All of creation in some way or another participates in this cycle of life – and so the Journey Emerges.

Women and men, all colors and all hues, straight and LGBT, believers and non-believers are all on the Journey. There are many expressions of relationships, parents, children,  those preparing for marriage, those growing in their marriage, those whose relationships have grown apart, life-partnerships : all are on the Journey. Sometimes the Journey is for the individual person alone. Some have lost loved ones, some are making final decisions about their lives, all, however,  experience some form of grief, separation, and re-birth: we all walk together.

You are not alone! I may not  know you yet but we are travelers and we all will move from time to timelessness. Call or write and let’s work together to watch your Journey Emerge.

2 responses to “Welcome

  1. What a great website. Looking forward to hearing great things from you (as usual). Love, Cathy and Scott.

    • HI Cathy and Scott,

      Thanks so much for this note…YEAH! for new beginnings – we’ll have to celebrate with a bit of vino or JD soon!! love ub and at

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